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tang su yook

탕수육 – fried pork w/ sweet & sour sauce.


goon mandu

군만두 – fried pork & vegi dumpling. 


Korean Noodle House

Great portions, great prices, great service, and really tasty food.  What more do you want?

Our staples are the Jam Pong, Ja Jang Myun , and the Sweet and Sour pork.  Three dishes that I’ve been having since I was a teenager frequenting one of the few Korean places in downtown Flushing back in the 90s.  And this place makes them just as good as I remember it.  

If you don’t feel like sharing, you can get the combo 2 noodle dish all to yourself.  Best of both worlds.  

The tray of sweet and sour pork is seriously big enough to feed multiple people.  It comes with a rather viscous dipping sauce on the side.  Eat it quick bc the sauce gets thicker as it cools!

Delivery & Takeout


“ Jam Pong Soup, Came in on a Rainy Sunday for a good spicy soup and this definitely is yummy in my tummy "

“ The portion size is hugh for the price. I couldn't finish. My friend recommended me this place and it was def worth the drive. "

“My girlfriend and I come here whenever she is craving some spicy Korean noodles. They have solid food"


Monday – Sunday:

11am – 9:30pm


(718) 225-1210


210-07 Northern Blvd
Bayside, NY 11361